I attended the NFPA 72-2022 Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems- New Code Changes class (aka FPE Class 5). Having taken other classes of Sagiv Weiss-Ishai’s, I knew what to expect: a very serious, intense class; enormous amount of material; insights into the “why” and “how” behind code changes, and; many practical applications. I was not disappointed. In fact, I found this class particularly noteworthy for several reasons. The timing and pace were extremely well planned, making for a most effective presentation. Breaks were well placed. Material covered was comprehensive. Having the class over two days was very convenient, and a slightly later starting time accommodates priority work tasks. A new feature, which I thought was brilliant, was the unlimited questions and answers. After each break was a dedicated 15-minute question-and-answer period, but for all the questions that didn’t get answered, on both days Sagiv allowed unlimited time to address those and even opened the floor to new questions. I attended many training seminars and often found them lacking due to instructors who are not the subject matter expert - as evidenced by rote material reading and inability to field questions – which Sagiv nails these hands down! And many classes have a definite start and stop time, leaving questions unanswered or not enough time to even ask. By allowing unlimited time, something I’ve never seen before, I thought was a monumental value-added-benefit.


Sagiv is extremely passionate about fire/life safety and contributes to the improvement of codes and standards by direct and personal involvement. His fervor, though, is not fully satisfied without sharing his knowledge; in teaching his zeal is conspicuously evident. I met Sagiv at the annual CAFAA conference in Palm Springs years ago and remained close ever since. We share many commonalities. We both graduated with fire protection engineering degrees from the University of Maryland, pursued careers in the fire service, and have common passions. I served 30 years with the City of Glendale’s fire prevention bureau in nearly all roles including Fire Marshal, then joined TERPconsulting as a senior fire protection engineer. I find Sagiv’s courses speak to his entire audience – AHJs, engineers, contractors. That is a unique ability to be able to appeal to all facets of the industry, which he does so deftly. I recommend Sagiv’s courses with the highest possible approbation.


Jeff Halpert, PE

Senior fire protection engineer, TERP consulting

Fire Marshal [ret], City of Glendale

Former Co-Chair, Fire Service Education Committee, Southern California Fire Prevention Officers

Member, Equipment and Devices Committee, Southern California Fire Prevention Officers

President, Southern California Chapter, Society of Fire Protection Engineers